Posted by: sugarstonefarm | May 8, 2012

American Buff Goslings

Nine goslings hatched out on April 23rd and 24th.  They are all wet when they hatch, and also exhausted.  Above is one brand new hatchling right out of the incubator, and a fluffier older sibling.

Here they are, all at least one day old.  It takes about a day before they’re moving on their legs well and all their feathers are nicely fluffed.  I start them out in a brooder in the house for a few days to a week.

Almost two weeks old.  They moved out to a brooder in the garage at five days old and have been growing very well.


Posted by: sugarstonefarm | April 20, 2012

New Kittens

The farm has only two cats, both daughters of the Old Momma Cat who is no longer with us.  One of them is black and one is white.

The white cat is actually very friendly.  She’s hiding from the puppy in the pic above.

The black cat isn’t friendly and prefers to be left alone.  Though she will come running for a treat of canned food, as long as I leave the food and back away.

I knew she was close to having her kittens, first litter for her.  And yesterday when I was feeding and watering the hogs in the afternoon I found her in Seymour’s pen with two kittens born.  And Seymour nosing her trying to get a chance to eat one for supper.

So guess where the cat is now?  In the bathtub, yes.

Two more kittens arrived for a total of four babies.  And I didn’t get clawed or bit bringing her into the house.  In fact, now she relishes a good scratch behind the ears and seems content to stay in the bathroom and be pampered.  I did move her and the kittens into Snapper’s old crate today so I could use the shower though.  🙂  She has free roam of the room and a litter box all her own.  So far, so good.

Posted by: sugarstonefarm | April 19, 2012

The First of the (non-poultry) Babies of Spring are Here!

Will post pics tomorrow (teehee).

They have four legs, are covered in hair and drink milk, more than one born on the same day.  Any guesses on what they could be?  It was a very exciting afternoon!!!


The answer tomorrow.

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